Delivery methods

City-wide delivery

Delivery is often a critical issue that simply cannot wait. That is especially true when we’re talking about delivering the gifts, which is of course connected to some timeframes not to be missed. Gladly, if you’re located in the Tristate area, we’ll be more than glad to deliver any item to your location within the 24 hours of your initial order.

Pick it up

While our own delivery service works in the most timely fashion, sometimes it might be a better and much more convenient decision for any buyer to simply drive by our warehouse and pick up the order yourself. That way you’ll be able to plan your own schedule and not depend on our delivery times, a well as any 3rd party delivery services…

Fedex, USPS & DHL shipping

We use few nationwide US delivery systems to make the delivery as fast for our customers, as possible. The USPS Priority Mail, DHL, and the FedEx are just a few of our nationwide shipping partners. We work with them regarding all the deliveries that are done across the 50 states and US overseas territories, as all these 3 have a delivery tracking system.

Overseas shipping by sea

When you’re outside the US and still want to order one of the items on our website, we have it all covered for you! This international shipping option is the most affordable one and is easily available for anyone located outside the United States of America. Though there might be some precautions to it, described on our FAQ page…

Overseas aero mail shipping

If you live outside the US but the timing is crucial to you and you do not want to waste your time while waiting for a slower delivery type, described above, order an aero mail shipping. It gets everything delivered 2-3 times faster, compared to the shipping by sea. Also, this type of delivery usually features a tracking system to it.